Fog Nozzles

Fire separating wall

Telesto Fog nozzles

Telesto Fog nozzles and FM2 substance is about 300 to 500 times more effective than pure fire-fighting water. When the special solution strikes the fire, oxygen is removed from the fire and the fire is permanently extinguished. New weapon for firefighters and extinguishing all types of fires. Telesto offers fixed systems for protecting machine rooms, archives, computer rooms, historical sites and other interior spaces. Company engineers design the system according to custom needs, utilizing whatever water supply and compressed systems are available on site or designing in and supplying whatever resources are necessary. Telesto’s system has the capability to provide fire protection using either “total flooding” where the entire space is filled with a dense fire suppressing mist or “local suppression” where Telesto nozzles dynamically spray a mist stream in a targeted area. Local suppression can be provided even in large production buildings, warehouses or aircraft hangers.